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New Free Delivery PIQO Smart Mini Projector Review A 1080P 240 Inch Image With A Light Intensity Of 200 Lumens Black PI-853387008301 View larger

PIQO Smart Mini Projector Review 1080P 240 Inch Image With A Light Intensity Of 200 Lumens Black PI-853387008301


Features: Pico/Pocket Size, Built-in Speakers, Ceiling Projection, Color Correction, HD Ready, Portable, Projection Tilt, Rear Projection
Custom Bundle: Yes
Image Brightness: 200 ANSI Lumens
Controller: Smartphone/Tablet Control App
Throw Ratio: Medium/Standard Throw
Compatible Operating System: Android
Colour: Black
Connectivity: Wireless
Display Technology: LED
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Item Weight: 150 gram
Audio Outputs: Speaker(s)
Video Inputs: MICRO HDMI
Native Resolution: 1920x1080
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Connections: HDMI
A 240-inch image with a light intensity of 200 lumens

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PIQO Review – Best HD Mini Projector

Pocket-friendly projectors are not a new concept for the tech world.  Multiple companies have stepped in and developed them over the past years.

However, after a full and thorough review, we have not found any pocket projectors that were nearly as good as the new PIQO pocket projector. Raising over USD$3million on the Indiegogo Crowdfunding platform, the technology of this device offers exceptional features and support that none of the previous pocket projectors provided. PIQO is also one of the only devices that offers HD quality at a fraction of the price you have to pay for a high-end pocket projector.

The company shared the features of the pocket projector, and their claims were enough to grab the attention of just about everyone, including ours. So, we got one of these projectors and tested the performance ourselves. Here’s what we have to say about this future-ready smart pocket projector.

  1. Durable Design And Build Quality

Out of the box, PIQO is a smooth finished cube-shaped device with curved corner faces. It also has a mild chafer on the upper and lower edges for a sleek and appealing look.

On the front side, you can see the thick glass of the projector lens, and next to it is the brand logo. On one side of the projector, you will see the speaker. On the other side, you have the power button and the HDMI Port. On the back, there is an audio jack, USB port, and a DC input port. There is also a small IR receiver that allows the mini projector to be controlled with the given remote.

Here is a clearer picture of the design in every view:

If the remote is too far from your reach, you can use PIQO’s touch input buttons on the upper side of the projector to control it, making it super accessible. The upper side of the outlet also contains a small button to adjust focus and a slotted grid for ventilation to prevent overheating.

Overall regarding the material, PIQO’s company has done a great job here. The sleek-looking device has a sturdy structure that can sustain falls and shocks. Therefore, not only is it small and handy, it is also very durable and high-quality.

  • Ultra-Portable

Considering the features that PIQO offers, we expected it to a bit bulkier than claimed, but it’s not. The pocket projector is precisely 57 mm in length, width, and height.

PIQO isn’t very heavy either. We measured it to be just 8 Oz, which is great. You can easily carry it for outdoor trips, parties, or official presentation without any problems.

Another innovative feature that PIQO has is that it doesn’t need a wired setup for working. They have included wireless connectivity modules into the projector, as well as a strong, built-in battery that enables you to use it even when you don’t have access to a power socket.

  • Awesome Screen Resolution

For all users looking for an alternative against the expensive home theatre, PIQO is a blessing. In such a small build, it can offer a screen size of up to 240 inches without any drop in the frame quality. Its advanced chipset and lens ensure a high-quality output of up to 1080p (1920X1080) for a crisp video watching. We were definitely the most impressed by the high resolution that PIQO offers.

This smart pocket projector also has keystone angle correction technology that helps it adjust projection angles automatically. It uses a state-of-art gravity sensor to sense the surface beneath it and adjusts the projection angle for a perfect view angle, no matter what surface you are projecting it to. It also eliminated blur and distortion in the video playback.

Above all, PIQO offers a brightness of 200 ANSI Lumens. Whether you use it for gaming or movies, there won’t be a single error in contrast, color quality, or visibility of the videos.

  • Seamless Connectivity

The latest modules of PIQO make it universally compatible. You can easily use it for iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows.  It is also compatible with Chromebooks and other similar devices.

Further, PIQO also provides multiple choices for connectivity for both wired and wireless options.  You can use it with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as HDMI without any issues. The smart projector even supports screen mirroring technology and USB input. For instance, you can use it with Airplay to project and cast your gallery to your family and friends. This feature also comes particularly useful for official presentations.

Moreover, you can use its wireless technology to connect to gaming consoles and enjoy your games on a 240-inch.  We tested it with many of our gaming devices such as Nintendo and Playstation, and it worked perfectly with all of them. No matter which operating system and connectivity method we used, the results were exactly the same in quality. There was no frame drop, lagging, quality drop, or latency error. There was no auto disconnecting or glitch, either. Definitely a dream come true for all gamers out there.

  • Excellent Battery Life

PIQO packs high-quality battery that lasts surprisingly long. It can provide a video playback time of up to 5 hours without any problem. The battery can also provide up to 50 hours for music playback mode.

In case it runs out of juice, you can easily reuse it after a few minutes of charge. PIQO has quick charging system that enables it to provide 1 hour of video playback with just 15 minutes of charging time. You will find a 5volt DC port in the back of the devices that you can use. As for the charger, it will work with the standard 220-volt power socket like your average smartphone charger.

  • User-Friendly Operating System

PIQO doesn’t always need a third-party device to work. The pocket projector is powered by the latest Android Nougat, which helps in independent usage. It also comes preinstalled with Google and supports more than 3 million Android apps and games.

You can use it for streaming from YouTube, HULU, Netflix, or any other similar application. The touch buttons on the top of PIQO also enables you to play games like candy crush and manage your calendar directly from the pocket projector. Its powerful Quad-core cortex A-53 processor can handle all of this without causing any overheating or performance drop issues.  

  • Incredible Sound

The innovator of PIQO designed it to function without any external support system. So, they have integrated a decent quality speaker in this pocket projector.

It is small and very low profile, but its quality is definitely more than what you can expect. We tested it with several songs and videos, and it managed to provide decent sound and music. There was no buzzing or noise of any kind. In fact, the speaker presented deep bass with crisp audio with nuanced mid-range tones. Although not cinema quality sound, for a speaker this small, we were definitely impressed.

However, for those who feel like the sound is not sufficient, PIQO also supports an external sound system. There is a 3.5mm audio jack on its back that you can use for sound output.

  • External Storage Support

We don’t always have access to a strong internet connection every time, especially while traveling across the regional borders. In this case, using the online streaming services on the pocket projector is no longer an option.

However, PIQO smart pocket projector is ready for this situation too. It comes with 16-GB of inbuilt memory that you can use to store data offline. You can use it for downloading shows from Netflix, YouTube, and all other similar streaming apps. PIQO also provides space for installing your preferred apps and games.

In case you ever run out of this memory, attaching external media is also an option. PIQO comes with a high-speed USB A-type port for it. It also enables you to play videos and songs from external sources. How great is that?

  • Reliable And Affordable

No doubt, PIQO is the best pocket projector in the market until now. It packs quality, compatibility, and all the other features that you would expect from a smart device. Even with all these advantages, PIQO’s company has managed to maintain it at a very affordable price. You can say that it is available at just a fraction of what you have to pay for a big, high-end projector that can offer the advanced features that PIQO has.

PIQO’s company keeps it affordable by removing the third-party distributor and the middleman from its sales route. The product that you order is directly picked from PIQO and shipped at your required address.

Further, PIQO’s company also provides limited period discount offers on this pocket projector. You can also save some bucks using bundles deals offers. We were lucky enough to get it while it was still in sale, so check out their before the offer ends!

The Final Words

We have tried multiple pockets projected in the past few years, but PIQO was definitely the top that we have seen so far. Whether you are talking about design, durability, performance, or any other aspect, it is every bit of what its official website claims. 

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