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Free Delivery Bosch Dishwasher 9 Set 45 cm 4 Programs White SPS40F22EU View larger

Bosch Dishwasher 9 Set 45 cm 4 Programs White SPS40F22EU

Capacity of sets: 9
Water consumption per cycle / year: 11.5 / 3220 l
Electricity consumption per cycle / year: 0.78 / 220 kW / h
Installation method: Separate (solo)
Energy consumption class: A +
Use of all-in-one tablets: IS
Number of programs: 4
Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5x45x60 cm
Drying class: A
Sink class: A

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EGP 6,999


EGP 7,777

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  • Energy Class: A +
  • AquaStop Water Leak Protection System
  • Servolock system for soft opening / closing the door
  • GlassProtec glass protection system


  • ActiveWater Hydraulic System
  • Regeneration Electronics
  • Innovative, brushless next-generation EcoSilence Drive motor: quiet, powerful, durable
  • Three-level self-cleaning filtration system
  • AquaStop Water Leak Protection System
  • LED display for program progress
  • LED color: red
  • DosageAssist Detergent Spray System
  • Two DuoPower rocker arms in the upper box
  • AquaSensor water purity control sensor, loading sensor
  • Detergent Detection System
  • Heat exchanger
  • Alternating Water Technology
  • Indication of salt and rinse aid


  • 4 programs: Intensive 70 ° C, Normal 65 ° C, Economic 50 ° C, Fast 45 ° C
  • 4 temperature conditions


  • Loading: 9 place settings
  • Cutlery shelf in the upper box


  • Inner Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 45 x 60 cm
  • Noise Level: 48dB

The main advantages when choosing and buying a dishwasher BOSCH SPS40F22EU ActiveWater 45 cm wide German assembly

  • AquaStop: 100% leakage guaranteed
  • GlassProtec glass protection technology: a special gentle washing of your glasses
  • EcoSilence Drive Engine: The Perfect Combination of Economic Performance, Silence and Durability
  • 10 years warranty: against corrosion of the inner chamber of the dishwasher
  • DosageAssist: flawless cleaning due to effective and even dissolution of the washing tablet 

Guarantee of the Bosch: on all dishwashers 10 guarantee of the guarantee of the highest corrosion

10 guarantee guaranties of dishwasher corrosion

The Bosch engineers of the company sent the innovators to life, in order to guarantee the superelevation of the service lines of the co-workers. For example, the stinks have broken down the new design of the internal chamber of the dishwasher, so that you can use special technologies that are linked to the machine, processing and storage of the chamber elements. The technology at the time with the high plates of stainless steel to make the maximum overhang against the widespread corrosion. Please disregard the need for innovative technology and speed up with a 10-year guarantee against the corrosion of the inside of the dishwasher.

Your dishwasher saves your glare at dovgo!

You can hello, having recognized that you can drive, such as you wash dishes, suttuously pour in your dishes that port. Oskіlki m'yaka water wiklikє corrosion of the dish, Bosch dishwasher technology Glass Protection Technology continuously adjust the speed of the sticks for a double look at the baking utensils and portions. A discreet spy on your delicate dishes, without gnarls.

Miracle is a match for the entire chamber dishwasher.

A unique tandem with two DuoPower ™ yokes that are at the top of the box for optimal results by pouring your dishes, secure access to the front of the box. Zavadyaki such a rough process to go program your dishes will be vimito without a trace.

Ideal pomichnik, a man who doesn’t vitiate the gift of beauty!

Does the skin become preoccupied with dishwasher, why should the skin cycle automatically automatically recover the same amount of water? Functions LoadSensor vikoristovє frequency sensor wrapped for viznazhennya vagi zavantazhennya rivnya vodi, so vikoristovuetsya more than necessary kіlkіst vodi. For example, for small dishes, bring less water for rinsing, then bring less, and for better start up, bring more for optimal soaking. Functions, how can I avoid unresolved results, water and electricity? Now it's high tech!

Dbaylivaet mittya tender dishes.

Sensitive to temperature differences, Kelichi and krikhi porcelain will be especially attractive.

Pidtrimuvati cleanliness in the obsessed may be important. It’s just ungodly to save the quiet. Our dishwasher with EcoSilence Drive engine saves your temperament with low noise. Get along with EcoSilence Drive, which has a noiseless, brushless, economical drive, optimally reduces the noise by rubbing it, making such an order more smooth, quietly func- tioning.

Innovation technology of optimal driving conditions for the maximum efficiency of cooking dishes.

Bosch Vinayšov is new to the ActiveWater mitt system, which permits the most efficient way to, as a rule, bring skin rash. Based on these parameters, such as a shader of the load, the filter system has been optimized; Dishwasher ActiveWater machines 14 rooms, complete the set of dishes, more than 10 liters of water when interrupted by the program “Economy 50 ° C”. Also, all ActiveWater machines can be delivered up to a hot water dispenser system, and in such a water supply warehouse, the energy storage should be less than 0.6 kW / year. for the programs “Economy 50 ° C”.

Zahist vid protіkan.

Zazvichai, wrong technicals are trampling at the most moment and I want you to be a penny, so dear to the hour. Our dishwasher machines are equipped with an AquaStop system, which can be stored with a special hose in a tight hose, a shut-off valve and a blind, which is sewn in the lower part, with a float wimkach. The whole system is secure. Nadij zahist vid protіkannya. Deny the beautiful results, you can pay for yaki Vi day after day!

Effectively vikoristannya zasobіv for mitty.

I’m willing to meet with the dispensers at the top of the doors. Before the cob, we’ll meet the process of winning the pada in a special cuvette at the top box, which will guarantee a reliable retrieval of the chains, which should be read clearly and directly to the new stream.
Size9 SET
Depth600 mm
Width450 mm
Height845 mm
Digital ScreenNo
Number of Shelves2
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