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    Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C and this handy tool will extract the very last drop of juice from an orange or grapefruit into the 600ml bowl, leaving all the pith and pips behind, ready to pour into glasses. Try it for a delicious start to the day or a tangy addition to cake and sauce recipes.  

    EGP 665 EGP 782 -15%
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    Spaghetti is a firm family favourite and the perfect choice for just about any pasta sauce you can think of. And now it's easy to make your own, 2mm fresh spaghetti at home. For a change Work with (KM070-KM023-KM020-KMM770-KMM710-KM010-KM816)

    EGP 726 EGP 854 -15%
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    About the kMix Short Pasta Maker - AX910 Our range of attachments for Kenwood kMix Kitchen Machines gives you no fewer than 12 pasta designs.

    EGP 1,118 EGP 1,315 -15%
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    The Glass Blender is ideal for crushing ice and blending fruits and other ingredients to create fabulous cocktails, iced tea and other refreshing chilled delights. And when the sharp, stainless steel blades have done their work

    EGP 225 EGP 265 -15%
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    About the Potato Peeler - AT445 Peeling potatoes can be a real chore, even with the best handheld peelers. Most of the goodness in a potato is next to the skin, and this handy, Major-sized attachment peels thinly to get so much more from up to 1.5kg of this reliable and hearty vegetable.

    EGP 316 EGP 372 -15%
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    The Glass Blender is ideal for crushing ice and blending fruits and other ingredients to create fabulous cocktails, iced tea and other refreshing chilled delights. And when the sharp, stainless steel blades have done their work

    EGP 439 EGP 516 -15%
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    The Chef-sized ice cream maker is a fantastic attachment for creating gorgeous ice creams and sorbets. It's easy to use and comes with its own plastic, Kenlyte™ bowl for mixing, a freezer bowl, paddle and lid

    EGP 589 EGP 693 -15%
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    This high performance multi food grinder comes with a choice of fine, medium and coarse screens for creating a variety of fillings. Plus a tool for making kebbe (stuffed meat shells for deep frying) and two sausage adaptors for stuffing your own sausages.

    EGP 594 EGP 699 -15%
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    A great little accessory for chopping, milling, grinding and blending small portions of food into glass jars. Great for baby foods, spices, coffee, marinades, dressings, purées, herbs and nuts. And it comes complete with three glass jars for handy storage Work with (KM023-KM816–KM020- KM800–KM010- KM400)

    EGP 598 EGP 704 -15%
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    Kenwood AT-971 Tagliatelle Pasta RollerTo further enhance the capability of Kenwood’s Chef and Major kitchen machines, a wide range of attachments have been developed

    EGP 726 EGP 854 -15%
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    There's nothing to beat the authentic taste of freshly made pasta and this attachment makes it easy to make at home. Use your pasta fresh, or chill or freeze it, ready to rustle up a quick supper with real Italian flair Work with( KM023- KM816–KM020-KM800–km010)

    EGP 764 EGP 899 -15%
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    About the kMix Flat Pasta Roller - AX970 Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, designed to complement the local fish, meat and vegetables found in the regions of Italy.

    EGP 821 EGP 966 -15%
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    Kenwood Metal Pasta Cutter

    EGP 914 EGP 1,075 -15%
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    Kenwood AT 950 A Fleischwolf-Aufsatz

    EGP 965 EGP 1,135 -15%
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    About the Major Sized Ice Cream Maker - AT957

    EGP 1,093 EGP 1,286 -15%
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    Kenwood  Food processor attachment - AT647 This Food processor attachment is only suitable for the Kenwood Titanium series only - KM010 KM020 KM023 and KM030) PLEASE NOTE:This Attachment does not fit the A701/A701A Series

    EGP 1,265 EGP 1,488 -15%
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    About Continuous Juicer - AT641 With this fast juice machine, breakfast is about to get a whole lot more exciting. With a feed tube able to take a whole apple, any fruit is good to juice. With its clean pouring spout and foam filter, all you get is juice, pure and simple - and no bits. What a great way to get your five a day!

    EGP 1,489 EGP 1,752 -15%
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    About the Dicing Attachment MGX400 Kenwood are building upon their versatility by offering a dicing attachment to fit the MG400/MG500 series of meat grinders and Chef/Major. 

    EGP 2,098 EGP 2,468 -15%
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