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    Astra 9900 HD ZLarge storage capacity up to 5000 channels channel.

    EGP 350 EGP 412 -15%
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    Receiver Astra 9900 PLUS HD MiniStandby for Low Power Consumption(<1W)Favorite Lists

    EGP 440 EGP 518 -15%
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    Fully DVB‎-S2/S CompliantSD/HD Support‎(‎MPEG4 AVC/H‎.‎264‎)‎Multimedia Player functionEvent TimerHigh Definition Video output ‎:‎ HDMI and Audio/Video OutputSupports HDMI‎-digital interface for perfect transmission of picture and sound

    EGP 749 EGP 881 -15%
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    Receiver ASTRA 12500 HD miniFavorite List & Unlimited Programs per groupPowerful channel edit function

    EGP 750 EGP 882 -15%
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    Astra 11500 HD MaxFully DVB-S2/S CompliantSD/HD Support(MPEG4 AVC/H.264)

    EGP 950 EGP 1,118 -15%
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    Astra 11500E HD MiniEvent TimerHigh Definition Video output : HDMI and Audio/Video Output

    EGP 999 EGP 1,175 -15%
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    H1 is a small streaming media player that’s packed with huge entertainment. It’ll open up a whole universe of movies, TV shows, web surfing, sports, music, photos, and much more right on your TV screen. You can enjoy oven 500 satellite channels immediately from your new Humex H1 device. Also contains multiple applications to access and watch the latest...

    EGP 1,550 EGP 1,845 -16%
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    Astra 7000 HD miniFavorite ListsPowerful channel edit function

    EGP 315 EGP 350 -10%
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    Astra 10700 HD MINIMultimedia Player functionEvent Timer

    EGP 390 EGP 459 -15%
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    Astra 10300 HD MINI  Software Upgrade viaUSB   Support FAT32 file system

    EGP 395 EGP 465 -15%
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    Receiver Astra 10200E HD MiniMultimedia Player functionEvent Timer

    EGP 525 EGP 618 -15%
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    Astra 9900 HD MAXSoftware Upgrade viaUSBSupport FAT32 file system

    EGP 635 EGP 747 -15%
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    E HD MINI 10400 ASTRAFully DVB-S2/S Compliant SD/HD Support(MPEG4 AVC/H.264) Multimedia Player function Event Timer High Definition

    EGP 650 EGP 765 -15%
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    Access to All free-to-Air channels.Multi-Satellite receiver.

    EGP 665 EGP 792 -16%
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    HDTV HUMAX EPG HDMI output  TV/Radio channel list Access to all Free-to-air Channels Receive HD and SD satellite channels.

    EGP 740 EGP 881 -16%
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    Receiver ASTRA 10500 HDMultimedia Player function Event Timer Made In Korea

    EGP 950 EGP 1,118 -15%
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    HUMAX OTA.5.1 Dolby Digital surrounds sound.

    EGP 1,920 EGP 2,286 -16%
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    Universal Micro-USB power input port.Wi-Fi transmission of streaming signal.Five meter radius Wi-Fi coverage range.Accommodation of 10 users at the same time.TV WIFI password enabled. Click Here to See How It Works

    EGP 2,649 EGP 3,116 -15%
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