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* Happy Points are valid for a period of 360 days. Please try to use them during this period
* Happy Points can be use as an additional deduction on next purchase by converting the Happy Points to a voucher, which will be valid for 90 days after its conversion from Happy Points format
* Happy Points are determined by our internal system and it displays the Happy Points amount under each product on our site. Points can be used on our website after 14 Day from receiving your order
* Happy Points only available for purchase through our website and are not available at our branches or stores
* You can convert Happy Points to a monetary value to be deducted from the price of any product or in the form of larger discounts on well selected products, which will be announced on regular bases on our website
* Happy Points will be awarded to customers who bought through our website or through our registered telephone numbers after recording a correct personal email address
* Our store customers can take advantage of Happy Points by registering their exact same order on our website and leaving a message under the order indicating that they have made this order at our branch, include receipt number, and whether they have received their order or not
* Happy Points are not transferable. You cannot move Happy Points from one account to another or from one client to another
* The value of the points can only be used as discounts and cannot be exchanged for cash of any kind
Here are some examples of how Happy Points may be used on our website:
* Examples and the numbers below may not be real and are for illustrative purposes only!
You have 500 points in your account, for example
When buying an electric oven for the price of 450 EGP, you will be able to cash your points and convert them into a voucher that is equal to, lets say, 80 EGP
Then the price of the electric oven at checkout will be
450 - 80 = 370 EGP
And thus taking advantage of the Happy Points after converting them into a voucher
Another example:
You have 500 points in your account
You can take advantage of the special offer of, lets say, 32-inch screen at a normal retail price of 1990 EGP or 1700 EGP + 500 Happy Points
And so the value of the 500 points will have doubled in this special offer
1990 - 1700 = 290 EGP discount
Total rewards Already converted Available Awaiting validation
2231.10 Happy Points 0 Happy Points 2231.10 Happy Points 0 Happy Points
The minimum required to be able to transform your rewards into vouchers is 5 Happy Points


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Event Date Reward Status Validity
Loyalty - order #ORD_165710 03/27/2021 15:38:40 390.75 Happy Points Available 03/22/2022 15:59:27
Loyalty - order #ORD_157998 02/26/2021 19:28:17 99.75 Happy Points Available 02/21/2022 19:31:15
Loyalty - order #ORD_157983 02/26/2021 18:38:34 1534.35 Happy Points Available 02/21/2022 18:49:31
Loyalty - order #ORD_157979 02/26/2021 18:20:00 206.25 Happy Points Available 03/13/2022 23:23:08