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    Tefal Steam Iron Maestro Wattage : 2300 Watt

    EGP 399 EGP 453 -12%
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    Tefal Access Easy Steam Iron 2100 Watt

    EGP 399 EGP 453 -12%
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    Kenwood Steam Iron 2400 Watt

    EGP 499 EGP 587 -15%
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    Steam Iron 2400 Watt

    EGP 539 EGP 634 -15%
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    Tefal Steam Iron Easygliss Wattage : 2200 Watt Adjustable Steam :  35g Steam Boost : 125g/min

    EGP 599 EGP 681 -12%
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    5 Functions : dry, steam, super steam, spray, self clean 3 Steam positions Stainless steel system Self clean system

    EGP 639 EGP 752 -15%
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    2500W steam output 40g/min Steam boost 150 g/min water tank 300 mlironing board 360 AntiDrip system

    EGP 889 EGP 1,010 -12%
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    Access'Steam Handheld Steamer delivers exceptional speed and convenience, putting garment steaming at your fingertips without the need of an ironing board.This handheld steamer quickly and efficiently removes wrinkles from a wide variety of fabrics, with enhanced features ideal for daily use.

    EGP 1,299 EGP 1,476 -12%
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    The new Tefal upright steam iron comes with a new and unique hanging matt to allow you easier ironing with faster results every time. It also comes with extra large ironing head to cover more surface area, as well as instant steam control from the handle that allows you to change your steam pressure settings instantly. Patented Press & Steam vertical...

    EGP 2,799 EGP 3,181 -12%
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    Tornado Steam Iron 1800 WattTeflon non-stick soleplateWater sprayMade in Egypt1 Year full free warranty

    EGP 300 EGP 326 -8%
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    Water spray makes ironing easy Temperature setting knob for different fabric 2200 Watt enables constant high steam output Variable steam control options

    EGP 376 EGP 442 -15%
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    Tefal Inicio Steam Iron 1800 Watt

    EGP 419 EGP 476 -12%
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    Tefal Steam Iron Easygliss Wattage : 2300 Watt Adjustable Steam :  35g Steam Boost : 125g/min

    EGP 660 EGP 750 -12%
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    Ultragliss FV4880 Power: 2400W Soleplate: 360o Ultraglide Durilium Made in France

    EGP 759 EGP 863 -12%
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    Aquaspeed Concentrated shot of steam for fast ironingConcentrated shot of steam at the tip.

    EGP 989 EGP 1,124 -12%
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    Ultimate Anti-calc Anti-calc collector for long-lasting steam performancePowerful steam iron that comes with a removable anti-calc collector: 1 spoon of calc collected every 3 months*.

    EGP 1,239 EGP 1,408 -12%
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    Telescopic mast Valet integrated hanger holder Thermo-insulating soft touch handle Wheels and carrying handle + SELECT YOUR GIFT Due to limited on this offer and due to multiple outlets selling this offer, stocks availability may change without notice, even if a request to buy order was placed via our website. Our team will check available stocks,...

    EGP 1,999 EGP 2,272 -12%
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